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PennDOT Logo

Montoursville – Jay Fulkroad and Sons, Inc., the prime contractor for a $750,000 bridge preservation project on Route 44 at Antes Fort in Lycoming County will begin construction next week.The bridge is located over the Norfolk Southern Railroad tracks between State Street and Front Street.

Work to be done includes placing a new latex surface on the bridge deck, repairs to the deck expansion joints, parapets and structural steel, and painting.

As part of the traffic control a temporary signal will be used to control traffic to a single lane across the bridge. On Tuesday, the contractor will activate the temporary signal to the flash mode to give a week’s advance notice. On April 21, the signal will be fully activated and a single-lane condition will be implemented across the bridge. Along with the single-lane condition, a vehicle width restriction of 9’6″ will be required. That condition is expected to be in place until mid-August.

All work is scheduled for completion by mid-October.




PennDOT Logo

PennDOT Logo

Montoursville – The two bridges carrying Route 15 over Route 14 at Trout Run in Lycoming County will be rehabilitated under a $1.8 million project starting Monday, April 13.


Contractor Jay Fulkroad & Sons, Inc. will remove the existing decks and parapets on both bridges and replace them with new concrete decks and parapets. The roadway approaches to the structures will be paved and the guide rail will be upgraded. The concrete piers supporting the bridges will be repaired with new concrete.

Construction will be performed on half of each bridge at a time, allowing a single lane for traffic in each direction. There will be a width restriction of 14′. Concrete barrier will be used on the structures to separate traffic from the work areas during construction.

All work under this contract is scheduled for completion by the end of September.


Montoursville – Preservation work will be done on five state bridges in Lycoming County by prime contractor, HRI, Inc. under a project starting next Tuesday, April 7.

The work will include repair of bridge deck joints, an epoxy overlay of the decks, drainage improvements and roadway approach work.

The bridges are on Route 864 in Upper Fairfield Township, Route 44 in Cummings Township, Routes 414 and Slate Run Road in Brown Township, and Trout Run Mountain Road in Lewis Township.

The contractor will start with the bridge on Route 864 over Mill Creek, roughly three miles east of Farragut in Upper Fairfield Township.

Construction will be performed on one half of each bridge at a time. There will be a 12-foot lane width restriction for traffic on the Route 864 Bridge during construction.

Updates will be provided as the work sites change.

All work under this $1.3 million contract is scheduled for completion by mid-November.

PennDOT Issues Road Postings In Lycoming County

Weight Restrictions to Curb Damage
MONTOURSVILLE – PennDOT is advising motorists in Lycoming County that sections of two roads will be posted with permanent, year-round, 10-ton weight restrictions.The following state highways will get the weight restrictions:

State Route 2061 (Green Valley Road) between Route 118 and Beaver Lake Road;

State Route 2077 (Beaver Run Road) between Route 118 and Beaver Lake Road;

State Route 2061 (Beaver Lake Road – the remaining un-posted section; the western end already carries a weight restriction).

The postings are being made on the basis of traffic and engineering studies indicating that these highways may be damaged by the use of vehicles that exceed the restriction.

School buses and local-delivery trucks are exempted from the postings.

The postings will take effect as soon as the required signing is erected. A PennDOT maintenance crew will begin placing the road posting signs during the week of April 13.


Bloomingrove Road Bridge

Bloomingrove Road Bridge

Montoursville – Wolyniec Construction, Inc. (primary contractor) will begin a $138,164 bridge rehabilitation project on Bloomingrove Road (State Route 2023) in Hepburn Township, Lycoming County on Monday, March 30.Northbound traffic will travel through the project in one lane. A work zone width restriction of 12 feet will be in effect for northbound traffic. Southbound traffic will be rerouted through Balls Mills.

Work on the existing one-span concrete slab bridge will include concrete repairs, joint repairs, milling and a new blacktop riding surface, drainage improvements and reset guide rail.

The bridge carries Bloomingrove Road over Mill Creek just south of the intersection with Route 973.

The project is scheduled for a mid-July completion.