Tweets on Hudson River US Airways Plane Crash

  • Realtime results for at 5:40pm
  • “Hudson River”Awaiting live press conference shortly with NY gov’t officials on #Hudson River crash latest – stay tune to @CNN and
  • A U.S. AIRWAYS JET DITCHED IN THE HUDSON RIVER and everyone’s okay. That bespeaks excellent work by.
  • Wow. Watching video of emergency landing into the hudson river of an airbus from about an hour ago. Pilot did an awesome job, no injuries.
  • I think you underestimate the devious nature of the Hudson River. Your chances are likely at least 0.001%.
  • You guys are probably already aware. First Hudson River plane crash photo came from Twitter user:
  • Foxnews has new video close up to the Hudson River plane. It’s almost completely submerged now.
  • All passengers and crew rescued when US Airways jet crashes into Hudson River
  • US Air Hudson river plane crash photo on scene-
  • US Airways Plane Crash in NYC Hudson River , amazing picture….
  • Sitting in awe of the pilot who landed the jet in the Hudson River. Humbling.
  • U S Airways jet crashed into the cold waters of the Hudson river so Im not as cold as those poor people
  • Disappeared News: Breaking news-US Airways 1546 down in Hudson River: by Larry Geller Everyone is ok,
  • Emergency Vehicles trying to get to the docks for the Hudson River crash.
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  • coffee  On January 16, 2009 at 4:15 pm

    I’m glad no one was hurt in the crash, sounds like the pilot did a great job

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