Wrestling opens season with 2-1 showing at Baldwin-Wallace Duals

Lycoming College - Williamsport, PA

Lycoming College - Williamsport, PA

BEREA, Ohio – The Lycoming College wrestling team opened the season at the Baldwin Wallace Duals on Saturday, Nov. 8. The Warriors finished the quad-match with a 2-1 record.

Bryan Kopesky and Chris Dahlheimer each recorded three wins for the Warriors.

Lycoming, ranked 30th in the nation in the preseason poll, opened the duals with a 24-18 win against Thiel College and followed that with a 30-10 victory over Baldwin Wallace.

In the third match of the day, Mount St. Joseph earned a 22-10 win.

Complete results of all three matches are posted below.
Lycoming — 24, Thiel — 18

125: R. Miller (TC) major decision over James Couturiaux, 11-0
133: C. Brown (TC) major decision over Eric Grecco, 12-4
141: Thomas Barger (LC) medical default over Rose (TC), 9-7
149: Michael Maurer (LC) defeated A. Miller, 9-8
157: Hogan (TC) defeated Clinton Gardner (LC), 13-10
165: Chris Dahlheimer (LC) pinned Stout (TC), 5:54
174: Troy Hayre (LC) defeated Morris (TC), 10-6
184: Riddle (TC) major decision over Kyle Crouthamel (LC), 12-4
197: Bryan Kopesky (LC) pinned Rockenstein (TC), 2:10
285: Richard Ausem (LC) defeated Meyer (TC), 1-0
EXHIBITION: 125: Marianetti (TC) pinned Stephen Hinton (LC), 5:04; 157: Karafa (TC) major decision over Nicholas Herbert (LC), 9-0; 197: Russell Korbul (LC) major decision Taylor (TC), 16-8.
Lycoming — 30, Baldwin-Wallace — 10

125: James Couturiaux (LC) pinned Erwin (B-W), 4:15
133: Bucher (B-W) defeated Eric Grecco (LC), 13-7
141: Thomas Barger (LC) major decision over Schubert (B-W), 13-3
149: Michael Maurer (LC) major decision over Hamad (B-W), 13-3
157: Feador (B-W) defeated Clinton Gardner (LC), 5-4
165: Chris Dahlheimer (LC) defeated Incorvaia (B-W), 6-4
174: Leonhard (B-W) defeated Daniel Snyder (LC), 10-5
184: Kyle Crouthamel (LC) defeated Scavuzzo (B-W), 2-0
197: Bryan Kopesky (LC) major decision over Tudor (B-W), 12-2
285: Richard Ausem (LC) by forfeit
EXHIBITION: 141: Miguel Arroyo (LC) defeated Steward (B-W), 6-1; 157: Haber (B-W) pinned John Mastrobuono (LC); 2:56; 165: Joshua Gochnauer (LC) pinned Hosta (B-W), :45; 174: Joshua Gochnauer (LC) pinned Brandt (B-W), 2:21.

Mount St. Joseph — 22, Lycoming 10
125: E. Miller (MSJ) defeated James Couturiaux (LC), 4-3
133: Harmon (MSJ) defeated Eric Grecco (LC), 4-1
141: Meyer (MSJ) defeated Thomas Barger (LC), 7-6
149: Michael Maurer (LC) defeatred Harris (M SJ), 9-7
157: Massong (MSJ) defeated Clinton Gardner (LC), 6-1
165: Chris Dahlheimer (LC) defeated Pope (MSJ), 6-0
174: Troy Hayre (LC) major decision over McGrady (MSJ), 14-6
184: Craft (MSJ) defeated Kyle Crouthamel (LC), 6-2
197: Bryan Kopesky (LC) major decision over Lukas (MSJ), 20-10
285: Campbell (MSJ) defeated Richard Ausem (LC), 3-2
EXHIBITION: 133: Dadosky (MSJ) pinned Cody Billotte (LC), 1:53; 141: Miguel Arroyo (LC) defeated Riffe (MSJ), 9-2; 165: Zachary Ewbank (LC) defeated Thompson (MSJ), 13-9; 197: Russell Korbul (LC) defeated Rychlik (MSJ), 6-4.

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