Lycoming students organize “A Night for Paws”

William Develin, Nicholas Lucas and Shane Breen

Caption: First row from left: Kaitlin Isennock, Sarah Feaster and Amanda Herrick; Back row from left: William Develin, Nicholas Lucas and Shane Breen

Williamsport – As part of a class project, a group of six Lycoming College students will be hosting “A Night for Paws,” a basket raffle that will be taking place in the College’s Pennington Lounge on Nov. 15 from 4-8 p.m. With a variety of food vendors, prizes and live entertainment, the proceeds of the eventful night will be donated to the Lycoming Animal Protection Society, a no-kill cat shelter located in South Williamsport.
“It will include a variety of baskets donated by individuals and businesses that people will be able to buy a ticket for in order to win the basket,” said junior William Develin, a member of the group Constructive Consulting. “We chose this as our fundraiser because it will bring awareness to local businesses about LAPS and is a fun idea where your chances to win are endless.”Confirmed bands include Doc Mach and the Field Surgeons, local philanthropist the Dave Miller Band and vocals by senior Melissa King.

Through Dr. Neil Boyd’s BUS-244 class, management and organizational behavior, students were divided into groups that would be later assigned to various non-profit organizations in the area. From there, Constructive Consulting began, a group dedicated to the promotion and enhancement of LAPS.

“I think that it will be a success and we will be able to help the LAPS organization become bigger and more profitable for their immediate future,” Develin said. “They were a very low profile organization with little marketing and not much experience in the business field.”

Although the organization has been running for a number of years, through local awareness and the fundraiser, the group members hope to provide LAPS with a greater financial foundation during otherwise shaky times of need.

“LAPS is an amazing organization that has been serving the Williamsport community for over 15 years,” said sophomore Kaitlin Isennock. “It has run solely on random donations and although this non-profit is backed by dozens of caring and hard working volunteers, it can be difficult to stay afloat, especially at such an uneasy time in our economy. Constructive Consulting’s goal is to better the financial state of this grassroots organization while at the same time building awareness in the community.”

According to Tracy Haas, a LAPS board member and 2001 Lycoming alumna, the project is not only a program she’d like to continue to participate in and a huge contribution to her organization, it’s also another reason to be proud of her alma mater.

“My experience has been wonderful,” Haas said. “The students are bright, eager and bring a fresh perspective to our organization. They are a very talented group!”

In addition to the November fundraiser, the group will be assisting LAPS with the construction of a company brochure, mission statement, logo, event informational tri-fold and various marketing techniques.

“With the help of the Lycoming students, I hope to be able to demonstrate that new, fun and interesting ideas can benefit the shelter and that no matter what knowledge a person or group has of any organization, anything is possible with the right people, resources and ideas,” Haas said. “This is a wonderful process as it provides a great ‘hands on’ experience for students. They can directly apply concepts to an organization.”

Isennock, a corporate communication major, feels that through the class and the work she’s been doing, she’s gained more knowledge about potential career paths.

“I think this project is providing us with the opportunity to see the work force from a perspective other than our text books,” Isennock said. “I feel as though I am learning skills that will be imperative in whatever career I decide.”

Similarly, business marketing major Develin sees this fundraiser not only as a way to put into practice the skills he’s learned throughout his college career, but also to learn new aspects of work crucial to all professions.

“I hope to become better at working with a group to accomplish goals as well as personally learning more about marketing and what it takes to be successful at marketing for a company,” Develin said. “It is helping me gain valuable people and leadership skills.”

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