Here’s a look at the major traffic switches and openings scheduled in the Route 15 corridor on the Steam Valley Mountain project this fall.

Trumbull Corporation (primary contractor) is scheduled to do the following work:

Mid-September: Open a portion of the new southbound Route 15 lanes (under the new Route 184 Bridge) to northbound traffic only, utilizing two temporary cross-overs within the future Route 184 Interchange area.

Late September: Finish and open Route 184 west of Route 15, near Fry Brothers Turkey Ranch Restaurant (excluding the bridge).

Early December:
Open the northbound Route 15 off-ramp and on-ramp at the new Route 184 Interchange.

Finish and open the new, two-span Route 184 Bridge over the new and relocated Route 15 northbound and southbound lanes.

Open the new northbound Route 15 lanes from the Route 184 Interchange area, northward to the Buttonwood Interchange.

Transfer all Route 15 traffic, northbound and southbound, onto the existing northbound alignment from Trout Run to the new Route 184 Interchange area.

Motorists are reminded to pay full attention when approaching and passing through this Route 15 work zone in northern Lycoming County.

Work under this $60 million project is expected to continue until late 2010.

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