Lycoming Wins Everything Except the Scoreboard Against #18 Ithaca

Junior Wide Receiver Mark Ryan Catching Go Ahead Touchdown in the Fourth Quarter

Junior Wide Receiver Mark Ryan Catching Go Ahead Touchdown in the Fourth Quarter

Ithica, NY – It was the bringing out party for Head Football Coach Mike Clark as his Warriors almost pulled one of the biggest upset in their opening game.  Lycomingheld a 16-10 lead with just 4:10 seconds on the clock, but just could not hold on. The Ithaca Bombers did what highly ranked teams usually do as they found a way to score the winning touch defeating Lycoming 17-16.

If there was any question on how Lycoming would come out of the starting blocks of the 2008 season, it was answered very quickly in Ithaca.  They are ready to play with new enthusiasm and composure against any Division III team.  Playing against the #18th ranked Division Bombers they went into the halftime break behind by 10-3 and then scored two touchdowns in the second half. 

Some of the Stats for the game:

Scores by Quarter:           1          2          3          4          Total
Lycoming                                0             3             0           13             16
Ithaca                                      3             3             7            7              17

Total Offensive Yards:
Lycoming          322
Ithaca                266

Passing Yards:
Lycoming          243
Ithaca                149

First Downs:
Lycoming          16
Ithaca                17

Time of Possession:
Lycoming          29 Minutes
Ithaca                31 Minutes

Game Notes: Mike Clark, who took over for long-time Lycoming coach Frank Girardi (who was in attendance), is the second head coach in five years to make his debut against the Bombers.  In Paul Shaffner’s first game as Buffalo State’s head coach, he and the Bengals lost 45-0 in 2004.

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